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Superior Senior Services

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide guidance for a more successful journey of aging by offering quality, affordable housing coupled with specialty programs for support, stability, and sociability.

Our vision is to be regarded as subject-matter experts in the field of aging, known for our highly satisfied residents and diligence towards older adults.

Meet the Team

Jeff Green

Jeff Green, CMM

Maintenance Director

Jasmine M. Perdue

Social Work Director

Renee Hall

Renee Hall-Morris

Executive Assistant

Certified Geriatric Doula (EOLD)

Reagan Q. Springman

Administrative Coordinator

Certified Geriatric Doula (EOLD)

Casey Piercey

Hospitality Associate

Certified Geriatric Doula (EOLD)

Teresa Smith

Hospitality Associate

Certified Geriatric Doula (EOLD)

Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor

Hospitality Associate

Certified Geriatric Doula (EOLD)

Faye Wright

Hospitality Associate

Certified Geriatric Doula (EOLD)

We care about the life that our clients experience, and help navigate a journey to successful aging.

Our attitude of hospitality starts with reverence and esteem for the older adult and results in a holistic approach to care.

This personal touch allows us to extend gratitude, sympathy, or celebration with each milestone.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the rent?

Each person’s rent is based on their income, so the best estimate is 30% of the gross monthly income. What makes our campus so affordable (and different from others) is that utilities, maintenance, cable, wi-fi, social work, pest control and trash removal are included.

Do you have any apartments available now?

We currently have a waiting list. Please feel free to request an application package or a tour through this website.

Is there an application fee?

Unlike other facilities, we do not charge any type of fee for the application process. We believe that doing so places a burden on our clients in an already stressful transition period.

How do I apply?

The first step is to request and submit the application. Once received, there will be a criminal, credit, and sex offender background search completed. You can expect results by mail in 7 to 10 business days.

What if I have a bankruptcy or bad credit?

Should the application be rejected for residency, your letter will give contact information to request a copy of the findings. We are professionally restricted from releasing such documents, as the background search is completed by a third-party company.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! A furry friend is permitted as long as the process is approved prior to move in. Record of veterinary care and other documents are necessary before the pet will be approved. Regulation states that there can be one fur-bearing pet in the unit with a mandatory $300 deposit. To make this more accommodating, you can choose to make the initial payment of $50 upon arrival of the pet with $10 monthly installations thereafter.

Am I free to come and go as I wish?

Absolutely! Our properties are designed to be independent apartments that are ideal for the senior on-the-go! Though our facility is secure, all residents and resident approved visitors can request a “FOB” that is similar to a swipe pass and this will electronically unlock the entrances.

Is smoking permitted on the property?

Both properties are 100% non-smoking. Smoking of any type is strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.

Are guests allowed on the property?

Hospitality is a part of the culture here. Residents are free to invite their families and guests at their discretion. We ask that visitors sign-in upon arrival and be mindful of reserved parking areas.

What kinds of activities are offered?

Each month, there are social events to suit all preferences. It typically includes bingo, potluck meals, and day trips to museums, festivals, and concerts. Our social programs are designed to keep seniors engaged with each other and the community. A host of business professionals and service providers can be found on our campus doing educational seminars or just having fun with us.

What are your age requirements?

Our programs are for those aged 62 and over. However, there are limited exceptions for those who are under 62 and disabled. Request a tour for more information!

Do you have a laundry room?

Each property hosts a laundry facility on the ground floor. These coin-operated machines are maintained on-site to keep prices low.

Do you offer any spiritual services?

Yes! We maintain a host of colleagues, professionals, and volunteers that provide excellent chaplain, counseling, and spiritual services.

Are your facilities monitored?

Yes! In addition to surveillance and 24/7 site monitoring, our staff is trained to work in tandem with our local police department, fire department, emergency services, and hospital. Our goal is to facilitate and assist with any emergency that may arise.

Is there any opportunity for volunteerism or community involvement?

On property, we have a number of volunteers in a variety of duties. Additionally, we partner with multiple organizations and causes to encourage community involvement.